Steel Tubing for Oil Field Contractors

Steel tubing, pipes, and sucker rods, either new or used, are available at discounted pricing for oil field contractors and drilling companies. Multiple grades of steel are offered in several sizes and diameters. Custom cutting for specific lengths is available, as are delivery services to project locations or pipe rack rental for transport. The perfect material for this purpose, steel is strong, long-lasting, and impervious to weather and soil conditions. Pipe caps, cable clips, and pumping units are readily available as well. Almost twenty years of experience has resulted in an efficient ordering and processing system to save both time and money. Controlling overhead costs increases the company profits without compromising quality or safety.

Once fields have been tapped dry or drilling in one area has failed, removal services are provided. The company will purchase the used tubing and pumping units, and remove them from the premises. That leaves contractors free to move onto the next drilling site and meet scheduling deadlines. Hydro-static testing for tubing and casing will increase safety and security. Forklift services are also offered to customers. Customers can come to the business location, call, or visit the website at to browse inventory, arrange for delivery or removal, and order materials for the next project. One-time orders are filled quickly. The business is also a constant supplier of materials for contractors to get them what they want exactly when they need it.

In addition to oilfield contractors and drilling companies, the needs of other professionals are also met. Fencing companies, home and commercial contractors, and manufacturers rely on the variety of the inventory and low prices to meet unique needs. Artists, hobbyists, and homeowners who are working on home improvement projects are able to purchase small quantities of steel tubing and accessories. Farmers and ranchers also utilize the used steel tubing and piping to put up fencing, built corrals, pens, and storage, and customize pickup truck racks and sheds for equipment. The versatility of these products makes them perfect for several applications. Whether designing a model car, or fencing in cattle, consider using steel for stability.